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Bentzion Turk has been a leader in Organizing and Catering  for 21 years. Conventions, Dinners, Marathons, Walks, Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, & Corporate Events. The Turk Caterers Team has brought its guests a wide spectrum of Gourmet Kosher Cuisine from Classic Modern to Ultra Heimish, all while keeping to its Superior food quality, with a soft yet sophisticated palate of flavoring.

Bentzion Turk

Turk Caterers is a World Famous catering company, known for its ability to modernize food for a spectacular, up to date dining experience. For years it has built its profound reputation by understanding the needs of the people and bringing them superb food, with mouth watering bliss, leaving each customer with enchanting memories they will never forget.

We would gladly accomodate special dietary restrictions such as vegetarian, diabetic, low-sodium or non-gluten needs. Please do let us know ahead of time how we can serve you.

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An assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit will accompany every meal, as well as a vast selection of wines and liquors. Meat, fish, vegetarian and parve entrees are included in our menus.

For any given event, a child-friendly menu will be available to delight even the youngest diners, so that your kids can enjoy the event as much as you do!

Turk Caterers is well equiped, to make your food order, Pack your food order, & Ship it where it needs to go.



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